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Spring fling: A vernal Vermont music preview

By Alan Lewis | Special to the Vermont Guardian

Posted March 1, 2007

Recordings to watch

Gregory Douglass has a great track, "Sail the Sea," on a hot new fundraising compilation, New Arrivals Volume 2 on Rachael Sage’s MPress Records label. Vol. 2 begins and ends with cuts by New Englanders — "Stronger" by Mieka Pauley and Melissa Ferrick’s "Closer." It is an all-time personal favorite, from among various artists' collections. With the notable exception of Douglass, the women come out a little ahead. Favorite tracks are those contributed by Douglass, Pauley, and Sage, as well as the Divine MAGgees, Trina Hamlin, Rebekah Jordan, and Kristy Kruger.